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Resumes equally as bad ass as the people behind them.

Specializing in Creative Resume Writing; General, Specific, Entry & Executive Level, Federal, Career- Change and Military to Civilian Transition Resumes


Send over your pre-existing resume either via the "lets chat" button below or directly to my email,! I will take a look, give you some feedback, let you know how I can help along with a free estimated cost to do so!


Meet The Writer


Nicole C. Kiernan
B.A. in English /Creative Writing


18,300+ handcrafted, job resulting resumes written since 2019.

After writing a couple resumes for a few friends, I dove deep into the HR hiring, job recruiting world to understand the madness behind it. I realized quickly that it was almost never the most qualified candidate that got the job, but the one with the strongest resume. It was those the most deserving of great job opportunities that were being cut out due to a lousy resume. 


The purpose of these resumes became the people behind them. Soon after, a couple resumes became a couple hundred.


I’ve seen resumes change peoples lives & for that reason, I love what I do. 


I’m here to take the risk with you. 


Growth is hard, but so is being in exactly the same place this time next year.

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